The Eat³ Campaign: Eat Well, Eat Local, Eat Together

Do you want new ideas about what to cook?

Do you want to eat locally grown fruits and vegetables?

Do you want to enjoy eating with your entire family?

Then Eat³!

Find healthy recipes and tips for cooking with foods from your local farmers’ market. Make tasty meals your family will enjoy!

Ask educators for information about nutrition and health by contacting your local Cornell Cooperative Extension office or Extension Educator.

Would you like to get FMNP Checks (Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Checks) to help buy fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets? Ask a WIC nutritionist or call your local Office for the Aging to find out how.

Eat3 meals are featured below. They are delicious, easy to prepare meals using seasonal foods from the farmers’ market. 

Find a Farmers’ Market near you.